It’s always pleasant when you can choose the perfect gift for your friend or family member. But in most cases, it’s not so easy. Gifting them something they actually want is simpler for kids because they often talk about their dreams and desires. Speaking about the adults, it is more complicated.

One of the aspects that can help you accomplish the task is to figure out the person’s hobbies, talents, and interests. It’s always a great starting point for brainstorming. If you know a Manchester City fan, the text below will provide you with tons of relevant ideas.

General Presents

The current category unites the most versatile items. They are suitable for almost all groups of the Cityzens – from children to seniors, for all genders and professions. It’s not an ultimate list, and there are more amazing Man City-related items available out there. But, at least, it can help you to pick the direction.


Manchester City poster

Decorating the walls with art has been popular for ages. The stunning Manchester City poster is not an ordinary Xmas gift idea, but it’s a nice one. The licensed product supports the favourite team and lists you among those writing the club’s history.

3d puzzle

Etihad stadium 3d puzzle

Pay attention to a one-of-a-kind 3d jigsaw puzzle. The incredible piece of architecture, one of the UK’s most famous and expensive stadiums, is Ethihad. Imagine how you’ll surprise your family or friends when you bring them such a brilliant reward. It can be used as a decoration or for children’s games.


Manchester City bag

There are many ways you can use a drawstring bag. It’s vital for someone who goes to the gym, enjoys cycling or skating. The waterproof rucksack is also handy at the beach, on a rainy day, or in a swimming pool. The club’s crest is self-explanatory and makes it especially valuable for a real fan.


Manchester City cufflinks

Cufflink shirts have been around since the 17th century. Today they are popular among clerical workers. The tiny cufflink is barely visible, but those people who want to look perfect pay attention to every detail of their outlook. The Manchester City cufflinks are unusual items of jewelry that were designed exclusively for the Cityzens.

Cake topper

Manchester City cake topper

When football enthusiasts and cake lovers connect, we all know the party’s going to be outstanding. The edible City-related cake toppers are a surprising and sweet addition to your favourite cake. No matter what, it’ll add the necessary vibes to your party.


Manchester City keyring

If you are looking for a very cute little thing with the crest of Manchester City, the key chain is a cool option. The licensed keyring easily affixes the keys. It helps to keep the important things in control with style.

Phone case

Manchester City phone case

A case for a smartphone is a good investment. First of all, it keeps the phone safe. Secondly, many cases have extended functionality, e.g., it may feature a multi-view stand, magnetic closure system, etc. And finally, the design of a phone case may tell a lot about its owner, especially if it depicts the football club’s logo, such as the logo of Manchester City.


Manchester City curtains

It’s an extraordinary gift idea that will impress both kids and adults supporting the Sky Blues. It’s rare to hear someone received curtains as a gift, and you won’t find such a window shade in a local department store. Thus, it can be a surprising offering.


Manchester City scarf

Each team has its colours and symbols. The scarves with these attributes have become part of the fan culture long ago. Therefore, gifting a sky blue scarf to someone crazy about Manchester City is always a decent opportunity to show how much you care about this person. And it’s definitely suitable for Christmas.


Manchester City ball

Awarding the football enthusiast with the official ball of their favourite FC is a fantastic choice. Of course, such a person will be happy to receive any ball as a present in general. But the proposed option is way much more appreciated.

Birthday card

Manchester City birthday card

Taking kind wishes from a friend or family member is always pleasing, even if it’s just a phone call or a WhatsApp message. However, who wouldn’t agree that a greeting card is a more authentic and personal way to express your love. Therefore, the Sky Blues birthday card may be very handy.


Manchester City mug

If you are invited for a cup of tea to the house of the MCFC supporter, bring this little bounty with you. The fan of Manchester City will choose this ceramic mug design among billions of others.


Manchester City canvas

The premium quality Citizens-related wall poster is a good surprise for someone who supports the team. The incredible wall art comes in a variety of sizes. Figure out which one you want or grab the largest one to make the Christmas gift as impressive as possible.


Manchester City wallet

The football club’s official wallet is yet another excellent choice of reward. Your friend or family member will be thankful for this high-quality product. It’s durable and large enough to fit the bills, coins, cards, bus passes, and similar stuff.


Manchester City: The Official Illustrated History

Some people hate reading these days. But even those kinds of folks should appreciate getting the illustrated book about their beloved FC. “Manchester City: The Official Illustrated History” is a fantastic hardcover edition – a godsend for those who are in search of a decent present.


Manchester City cap

It’s hard to mistake when you buy a sky blue baseball cap with a logo of the Citizens as a treat to someone special in your life. Similar items have been popular among fans for ages. It features an adjustable strap to make it fit the adult head of all sizes.


Manchester City memorabilia

When you want to buy something absolutely special for the person who is crazy about the Sky Blues, check out various memorabilia options. Signed autographs with photos of Manchester City superstars are a superb example.

Bobble hat

Manchester City bobble hat

It’s vital to wear warm clothes at the stadium. Benchwarmers of the first team will agree! Perhaps, the most necessary apparel for the cold, rainy, and snowy English matchdays is a beanie. This one features a pompom, but you are free to choose something with another design.


Manchester City bedding

Expressing support to your beloved team is possible in multiple ways. Anyone can do it even in their bedroom by getting a club-honouring duvet cover set. This lovely item is quite rare. It’s a perfect choice for those who enjoy meaningful Christmas gifts.

For Him

The men who get a charge out of Manchester City games are lucky. There is so much incredible stuff you can get for these guys. The below-mentioned items should help you to make the right choice in no time.

Retro shirt

Manchester City retro shirt

You can’t have too many shirts of your favourite sports club. Buying a retro shirt is an unusual way to upgrade your style. This classic apparel has a minimalistic design. Its made of high-quality cotton, and it washes well.


Manchester City hat

Some men don’t wear hats in winter because they think they are too cool for this. But look at the beanie – it’s stylish, club-related, and keeps your head warm, protecting it from downfall. So don’t hesitate – it’s a great pick.

Polo shirt

Manchester City polo shirt

The Manchester City official crest polo shirt is another apparel appreciated by every fan of the club. It’s ideal for all men – you just need to know the correct size. The product comes in the original packaging.


Manchester City socks

A pair of socks with the emblem of the MCFC on the sides look glorious. The official accessory makes a perfect souvenir for those involved in the fan movement. They are made of premium materials, feeling nice and soft.


Manchester City coat

Clothing linked to the favourite team is always a handy Christmas gift idea. Considering the weather conditions in Great Britain, a new coat with the club’s crest can’t hurt. It’s another classy apparel of the highest quality.

Christmas jumper

Manchester City Christmas jumper

What a merry Xmas jumper that is! The Manchester City fan will be so thankful to receive this treat and to celebrate the greatest holiday in the colours of the special team. It’s a perfect mix of an instant classic sweater and modern football traditions.

Dressing gown

Manchester City dressing gown

The club’s official robe features the badge of the Citizens. It’s a good starting point – don’t you agree? It’s comfy to use it after a bath or shower, hang out at the pyjama party, or stroll around the house pending the beginning of a big game.


Manchester City jersey

Hardly anything compares to the official shirt of the favourite club. Even the person who barely knows anything about football will probably agree with this. The brand new jersey, designed specifically for the current season, will bring a huge smile to the face of the MCFC fan.


Manchester City hoodie

You have to admit the designers of Manchester City-related apparel are doing a terrific job. The men’s pullover is another superb gift that can satisfy anyone with the heart of the Cityzen. The material feels extremely soft and pleasant.


Manchester City pyjama

The men’s pyjama set looks almost like a training kit of the Sky Blues. Imagine what kind of dreams the team’s fanatic may see wearing their branded sleepwear! Machine washable and made of 100% cotton, it’s an ideal Christmas gift.

For Her

Ladies supporting Manchester City, unfortunately, don’t get as many options as the men do. But of course, who seeks shall find. Plus, the stuff listed under the “General” category is always at your disposal.


Manchester City women shirt

A stunning, high-quality official shirt of the cherished team is almost unbeatable. This official attire has moisture-wicking properties. That makes it ideal for sports activities and, of course, cheering at the stadium.

For Kids

Choosing a Christmas gift for a little friend is usually easier compared to a big friend. If the child loves Manchester City, look at the list below, use your intuition, and pick the best thing according to their personal needs and interests.

Baby bodysuit

Manchester City baby bodysuit

The message on the bodysuit looks funny and relates to the Sky Blues. Press stud fastenings of the baby clothing ensure effortless dressing, even when the child is sleeping or you need to change the diaper on the go.


Manchester City kids kit

One of the most yearned-for Xmas gifts among Manchester City fans is the kit of the beloved team. Children are no exception. They would also appreciate getting the authentic team’s kit with the original quality and design details.


Manchester City kids gloves

While it’s certainly not the most impressive item on the list, it still has its pros. Among advantages are affordable price, original quality, a large crest, and functionality. Spending over 90 minutes at a stadium won’t feel so cold now, even on a very cold evening.

Fleece blanket

Manchester City fleece blanket

Manchester City blanket looks awesome, as always. Due to its size, it’ll be a perfect fit for the little ones, but the bigger fans may also use it. The fleece blankets are known for their lightness, warmth, and softness.


Manchester City boys pyjama

Football-related pyjama is quite a unique item, suitable for boys. The shirt looks like the simplified version of the first team’s training kit, while the shorts feature its emblems. For sure, it’s made of the best 100% cotton to be used as wear-at-home clothing and underwear.

Boxer shorts

Manchester City boys boxer shorts

Another cool official underwear for boys is this offering. The official boxer shorts of Manchester City will make his day! The shorts look terrific and are available in different sizes.

School bag

Manchester City school bag

The branded rucksack is a delightful gift for schoolboys and schoolgirls who worship the Cityzens. It’s spacious enough to fit in all the workbooks and pencil cases of the student. It may also be used for camping, carrying sneakers, a uniform, and numerous other purposes.

Lunch box

Manchester City lunch box

This little bag looks like Manchester City’s tee. In reality, it’s a very convenient and compact lunch bag. It has enough space for several snacks, so your children won’t be hungry at school if they get the lunch box as a present.

Stationery set

Manchester City stationery set

Writing materials are always needed when you study at school. Gifting the standard stationery is ok. But when each piece of the collection features the favorite club logo, it’s a game-changer.

Baby bib

Manchester City baby bib

The item may be used as a drool bib for infants from 0 to 6 months old. But it’s the most practical when the child starts eating baby food, such as fruit and veggie purees. It usually occurs when they reach the age of 6 months. The baby’s parents will be thankful for the functional gift and its inspiring design.

Dressing gown

Manchester City kids dressing gown

The fleece robe is very warm, light, and pleasant to wear. The little admirers of Manchester City will go crazy when they get this apparel. Plus, the price is very reasonable. It’s a handy and durable item that can make many children happy.