Key facts

Address Wembley, London, England
Capacity 82,000 seats
Build Date 1923
Demolished 2003
Record Attendance 126,047


It used to be located in Wembley Park, London, the UK, on the same place where the new Wembley Stadium is now.

In 1923, it was constructed as the Empire Stadium on the ground that used to be known as Watkin’s Tower. The construction of the stadium cost 750 thousand pounds. It was specially prepared for the British Empire Exhibition that took place during 1924-1925. It was supposed to be demolished after the Exhibition, but, eventually, it was saved.

Arthur Elvin, an entrepreneur, decided to acquire the stadium for 127 thousand pounds. He met certain complications due to the death of the current owner, but, eventually, managed to purchase it from Wembley Company. The company purchased it back right away, leaving Elvin with shares of the stadium.

In 1963, the stadium was equipped with the electric scoreboard and aluminum roof. It also featured translucent glass. Wembley was mainly known for football matches, because it was a venue for a range of major events, such as the FA Cup Final. Twin Towers became its distinctive feature, and then they were demolished in 2003, lots of people were unhappy with that.

In order to get a trophy, the winners would have to climb over 39 steps up to the Royal box. The stadium was closed in 2000 and demolished in 2003.