Key facts

Address White City Stadium, Wood Lane, London
Capacity 150,000 seats
Build Date 1908
Demolished 1984
Record Attendance 150,000


White City Stadium used to be the stadium located in White City, the UK. It was constructed within 10 months in 1908 for the Olympics. Its costs reached 80 thousand pounds. The capacity of the White City Stadium used to be 150,000, including 68,000 seats. It was the very first Olympics stadium built in the UK and the world largest multi-purpose stadium at that time. The ground was used for different sports events, including swimming, boxing, speedway, athletics, show jumping, concerts, and more.

From 1927 to 1984, the stadium was used for greyhound racing. In 1932, a 440-yard running track was constructed at the stadium, which allowed using the stadium for the AAA Championship during the next thirty-eight years. The Greyhound Racing Association constructed a restaurant and new terracing. The highest attendance took place in 1939 when 92,000 people came to watch the final of Derby.

During 1932-1958, the stadium was used or major boxing events. One of them attracted 90,000 spectators in 1934. The last Greyhound race at White City Stadium took place in the spring of 1984. The stadium was demolished in 1985, and today the site is used as the headquarters of BBC Radio.