Key facts

Address 8001 Bodø, Norway
Capacity 7,354 seats
Build Date 1966
Record Attendance 12,189


Aspmyra Stadion is a stadium located in the city of Bodø, Norway. It is the home ground of Bodø/Glimt, a football club founded in 1916, as well as Grand Bodø, a football club located in 1917. The total capacity of the stadium is 7,354 people.

It features three stands. Two of them are all-seater stands, one of which comes with a roof and the other one is uncovered. The third one is the older stand that has both seats and standing places. The stadium is well-equipped — there are floodlights, under-soil heating, and modern facilities. The playing surface is covered with artificial turf. There is also a training pitch located very near to the ground, which is also covered with artificial turf.

The construction of the stadium began in 1965 and was completed in 1966. Initially, there was a pitch covered with natural grass, a 400-m. running track, as well as wooden benches allowing to the stadium to be visited by 2,500 people. A few renovations were made in 1980. This was when the running track suitable for any weather conditions was constructed along with the training pitch.

In twelve years, more improvements were made, including building commercial facilities. In 1994, Bodø/Glimt F.C. decided to increase the capacity of the stadium for UEFA matches. The project was approved by the municipality, but the club had to provide financial sources, which they did not have. In 1999, the municipal allowed the stadium to be sold to the club for nearly 8 million Norway kroner. Work began the same year, during which a new south stand covered with a roof was constructed, as well as a range of facilities, such as change rooms. Another smaller stand was constructed on the eastern site. The total capacity of the two stands was 4,350 people. After the construction, it was approved for participating in UEFA matches. In 2006, the ground was provided with artificial turf.