Key facts

Address Kniksens Plass 1, 5063 Bergen, Norway
Capacity 17,686 seats
Build Date 1919
Record Attendance 24,800


Located in the city of Bergen, it is a third largest stadium in Norway. The highest attendance of 24,800 people took place at the stadium in 1961 during the match between Brann and Fredrikstad.

The total capacity of the stadium is 17,686 people. The idea to build the stadium was born in 1917. C. K. Gran, who at that time was a member of the sports committee, proposed to build the new stadium. Despite a range of difficulties, enough money was collected, and construction began in 1919. The opening ceremony took place the same year. It has been the home ground of Brann, a professional football club, since the time it was constructed. Initially, there was running track, several terraces, and pitch.

In 1978, the significant renovation was conducted on the north side, and as a result, a covered tier of seats was constructed behind the former terraces. After Taylor Report, the venue had to become an all-seater. Eventually, the capacity of Main Stand was increased up to 4,339 seats. The next year, The Frydenbø Stand with the capacity of 3,892 seats was built. The BT stand was redeveloped to feature only with seats. Over the years, a range of renovations was also made, increasing the seating capacity of the stadium up to more than 17,500. There was a plan to increase the stadium’s capacity up to 20,000, but it was postponed.