Key facts

Address Arenavegen 2, Briskebyen, Hamar, Norway
Capacity 7,600 seats
Build Date 1936
Record Attendance 14,500


It is a stadium in the town of Hamar, Norway. The stadium is used by HamKam, a local football club that was founded in 1918 under the name of Freidig. The playing surface of the pitch is covered with artificial turf. The stadium is capable of hosting more than 8,000 people. All in all, there are three stands. The highest attendance of 14,500 people was noted at the stadium in 1938 during the 37-th final of Norwegian Football Cup.

The stadium was constructed within two years from 1934 to 1936. After its opening, it became the home ground of Briskebyen FL, which later formed HamKam by merging along with Hamar AIL. In 1984, a few major changes were added to the stadium, including building the East Stand. This allows adding to 2,400 more seats to the total capacity of the stadium. A clubhouse was also built. Although the stadium was significantly improved, the renovation led to problems with financing the club, and in 1993, it was decided to sell the venue to the municipality to save it.

In 2001, it was decided to renovate the stadium again. Construction works started in 6 years. The construction process was divided into several stages, and the first one was completed the next year. In 2003, floodlights were installed at the stadium.