Key facts

Address Sogndalsfjøra, Norway
Capacity 5,523 seats
Build Date 2006
Record Attendance 7,000


Fosshaugane Campus is a football stadium located in Sogndalsfjøra, Norway. Currently, it is Sogndal Fotball’s home ground, which has been using the ground since its opening in 2006. The stadium used to be simply referred to as Fosshaugane stadium, but it got its current name because it also featured a school campus.

The opening ceremony of the stadium took place in the summer of 2006. The first football match was held between the home team and Bryne, which resulted in the victory of the first one with a score of 2–0. This match was broadcasted live on TV.

In 2012, according to the NISO’s survey that was held among captains of away football team that had ever played on this ground, the stadium got the lowest rating of only 1.93 out of 5.

The total capacity of the stadium was increased up to 5,523 people after the reconstruction. It is not an all-seater venue, because there are about 200 standing places. The highest attendance was noted at the stadium in 1976 during the match of Sogndal against Start, which attracted the attention of about 7,000 spectators.

The size of the pitch is 105 × 68 meters. In the spring of 2012, the playing surface was covered with artificial turf.