Key facts

Address Boleyn Ground, Green St, Upton Park, London, E13 9AZ
Capacity 35,647 seats
Build Date 1904
Demolished 2016
Record Attendance 42,322


Boleyn Ground (Upton Park) used to be a stadium in Upton Park, the UK. The ground was used by West Ham United during 1904-2016. Charlton Athletic also used this football stadium in the 1990s due to financial problems. Boleyn Ground was suitable for 35,016 people.

In 1912, the West Ham rented Green Street House, also referred to as Boleyn Castle, along with the land. In the summer of 1944, a flying bomb destroyed one of the corners of the pitch, which made it impossible for West Ham to use the ground for games. They had to play at other grounds while their football stadium was being repaired. West Ham could come back to the ground in 4 months. From the 1990s, the stadium has undergone a range of serious improvements.

In 1993, South Bank was replaced by the Bobby Moore stand that had two tiers, 9,000 seats, digital clock, and executive boxes. In two years, the Sir Trevor Brooking two-tier stand replaced North Bank. It had 6,000 seats. In 2001, the Dr. Martens stand, a two-tier stand with 15,000 seats, was constructed instead of West Stand. The plans to increase the capacity of the football stadium up to around 40,500 never came true.

In 2006, rumors about the intention of the football club to change the ground started circulating around the city. Over the next several years, there were lots of talks, different decisions made regarding the ground’s fate, and plenty of negotiations conducted until West Ham, finally, signed a 99-year leasing contract in 2013, allowing them to use the Olympic Stadium starting from 2016.

The sale of Boleyn Ground was announced in the next year, and the deal the development company was closed in 2016. The stadium was fully demolished the same year.