Key facts

Address Stadionplein 1, 7825 SG Emmen
Capacity 8,600
Build Date 1977
Where is De Oude Meerdijk located? 52°46′29″N 6°56′44″E
Nickname Meerdijk Stadion (1977–2001)
Univé Stadion (2001–2013)
Jens vesting (2013-2017)


De Oude Meerdijk is a small, but very good and modern stadium. A Dutch First Division team called Emmen plays its home matches here. In 2001 the stadium, origannaly named Stadion Meerdijk, was modernised. Originally it included standing places, when those still excisted the record attendance was much higher. De Oude Meerdijk is also one of the stadiums of the World Cup Under 20 years wich is being helt in the Netherlands in 2005.

Admission prices

Admission prices vary between 5 and 20 euro’s depending on place and match importance.