Key facts

Address City Stadium, Filbert Street, Leicester
Capacity 21,500 seats
Build Date 1891
Demolished 2002
Record Attendance 47,298


Filbert Street (also referred to as ‘Filbo’) used to be a football stadium located in Leicester, the UK. It was the home of Leicester City F.C. from 1891 to 2002. After using the ground for 111 years, the football club moved to the King Power Stadium that provided the capacity of 32,000 seats.

The ground had four stands, with only one of them to be a modern facility, allowing 9500 people to watch football games. It was known as ‘The Carling Stand,’ and it was constructed during 1993-1994 for more than 5 million pounds. It was only used for 9 years before the demolishment.

The South Stand included two stands, and that is why it was also referred to as ‘Double Decker.’ The highest attendance at the ground was 47,298 people noted in 1928 during the fifth Round of FA Cup. There were so many people who wanted to watch the match that lots of them just had to walk around the ground, and some of the people were even watching the game from a roof.

In 1971, Leicester City purchased an inflatable sheet, which was later called the ‘Filbert Street Tent,’ to cover the pitch to protect the ground during freezing weather. The tent was big and high enough to allow players to train during any weather conditions.

In the spring of 2002, the stadium was sold for 3.75 million pounds to a development company. The last game played at the ground ended with the victory of Leicester City F.C. against Tottenham Hotspur.

The demolition of the stadium began in one year after the sale agreement was signed. The former stadium is now used as accommodation for students of a local university.

Away fans

The East stand was dedicated to away fans.

How to get to Filbert Street

If you are traveling by driving from the Midlands, you need to take the M69, and at the end of the motorway, you need to take the A5460 leading to the center of Leicester city. After you reach a railway bridge, drive for about 200 yards and then turn right to Upperton Road. Turn right again to Filbert Street.


There are plenty of bars and pubs around Filbert Street. ‘The Hind’ was a perfect place for away fans.