10 Biggest Stadiums in England

They have seen some of the most epic football battles. They have brought up the world’s biggest football names. They have heard hordes of roaring fans singing together their glorious songs. They have turned into modern Coliseums for thousands of dedicated spectators and the homes for the world’s most popular teams boasting a rich history, iconic wins, and numerous battles.

That’s right! We are talking about the 10 biggest football arenas in England. The stage is set the green flag drops.

#10 – Villa Park – Birmingham

Villa Park

Home Team: Aston Villa F.C.

Capacity: 42,682

Record Attendance: 76,588

The legendary Villa Park once used to have a bicycle track around the pitch. Since 1914, the arena has witnessed several reconstructions to become a modern stadium that meets spectators, needs. The grand opening took place in 1897. The stadium once hosted more than 76,000 fans during the FA Cup 6th round game against Derby County. The owners are planning some new updates to increase the general capacity up to 50,000. In other words, we can expect the arena to go higher in our list. For now, it takes 10th.

#9 – Stadium of Light – Sunderland

Stadium Of Light. Sunderland AFC.

Home Team: Sunderland A.F.C.

Capacity: 49,000

Record Attendance: 54,259

Built in 1997, the arena differs from typical English stadiums. It does not have a standing area behind the goal. The Stadium of Light is a 100% all-seated stadium. Well, it does not spoil the atmosphere during the match when all 49,000 spectators are singing Elvis Presley’s “Wise Men Say” before the starting whistle.

#8 – St James’ Park – Newcastle upon Tyne

St James Park Top Angle

Home Team: Newcastle United

Capacity: 52,354

Record Attendance: 68,386

The legendary arena has been the home for Newcastle United from the very start. Such iconic names as Alan Shearer have made their path to become A-star football players and living idols for their dedicated supporters. St James’ Park was the first ever English stadium to bring 50,000 spectators to the league match while the record attendance is 68,000+ fans on a match against Chelsea back in 1930.

#7 – Anfield – Liverpool


Home Team: Liverpool F.C.

Capacity: 54,074

Record Attendance: 61,905

The club will never walk alone when more than 54,000 of passionate supporters are brought to one place at this glorious ground. Opened in 1886, Anfield is one of the biggest and most popular arenas not only in England but also in Europe. The general capacity was increased thanks to the updates and reconstructions made in 2014. However, it seems like new enlargements will be necessary considering a growing number of Liverpool fans from Egypt.

#6 – Etihad Stadium – Manchester

Etihad Stadium, Manchester.

Home Team: Manchester City F.C.

Capacity: 55,097

Record Attendance: 54,693

Formerly known as The City of Manchester Stadium, Etihad was renamed due to commercial reasons. The arena is relatively new if compared with other grounds from the list. It was opened in 1999 and became the home of glorious Manchester City. The funny thing is that the stadium’srecord attendance during the match between Leicester in 2016 (54,693 spectators) did not exceed its general capacity. Well, the team should feel optimistic considering its current success.

 #5 – Emirates Stadium – London

London: Emirates Stadium

Home Team: Arsenal F.C.

Capacity: 59,867

Record Attendance: 60,161

Opened in 2006, Emirates Stadium is also known as the Arsenal Stadium of Ashburton Grove. The home of Arsenal F.C. has replaced the iconic Highbury that was unable to meet both club’s and fans’ requirements. The arena has seen Arsen Wenger ending his career as a manager and new faces to join the club. On the other hand, it will never forget such legendary games as the match between M.U. in 2007 featuring 60,161 of spectators.

#4 – Tottenham Hotspur Stadium – London

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium - October 25, 2018

Home Team: Tottenham Hotspurs

Capacity: 62,000

Record Attendance: not yet

Oh, you certainly would love to be in “that number”, when the Spurs go marching in their brand new arena. Although still under construction, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium will obviously be a football masterpiece introducing latest technologies and facilities to meet spectators’ every need. Architects will turn 72,000 square feet of concrete into a new home for Harry Kane and Co. as well as for their devoted supporters.

#3 – London Stadium – London

London Stadium

Home Team: West Ham United

Capacity: 66,000

Record Attendance: 80,000

London Stadium was built as a multi-purpose ground that hosts not only West Ham United home football matches but also other major sports events including the Olympics. For this reason, it is also known as the Olympic Stadium as well as the Stadium at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

#2 – Old Trafford – Manchester

Manchester_0001 - Old Trafford

Home Team: Manchester United

Capacity: 74,994

Record Attendance: 76,962

The home of football legends and Sirs like Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir Bobby Charlton, Old Trafford is the second biggest football arena in England. Opened in1909, it was reconstructed for several times to reach its current capacity. However, even the lack of seats could hardly stop almost 77,000 spectators to see the match between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Grimsby Town back in 1939 although it has been the home for Manchester United since 1910.

#1 – Wembley Stadium – London

Wembley Stadium

Home Team: Tottenham Hotspur (moving to a new stadium soon)

Capacity: 90,000

Record Attendance: 89,874

Opened in 2007, the biggest English arena has become a temporary home for Tottenham Hotspur. The club was forced to change its home ground, as the legendary White HartLane is about to be demolished and the new stadiumto be built. Until then, Wembley Stadium is the home for a glorious London’s team throughthe recordcapacity was observed during the match between Cardiff City and Portsmouth in 2007.

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