They have seen some of the greatest football victories in history. They have heard thousands of glorious fan songs, wittiest chants, and debatable referee’s whistles. The supporters are proud of their club stadiums. The club owners, sponsors, and investors want to expand them so that more and more fans can come to support their teams. The football clubs and fans love to boast of their stadiums’ record attendances. Unsurprisingly, bigger and fancier arenas attract more visitors and make more money. But the impact of the dedicated spectators is even more important. Everyone knows that the 12th man has an extremely helpful role in the game.

So are you ready to read about the most visited English football stadiums? The stage is set, the green flag drops.

#10 – King Power Stadium – Leicester

Home Team: Leicester City F.C.

Capacity: 32,273

Average Attendance in Premier League 2017/2018: 31,583

Matches: 19

Total: 600,083

This wonderful UEFA Category 4 all-seater was opened in 2002 but the upgrade and expansion are already underway. Due to the tremendous success of Leicester City in the 2015–2016 Premiere League when Foxes sensationally evolved from underdogs into the Champions, the club is looking to the future with optimism. King Power Stadium was recently honoured to host several England internationals. It also hosted 2015 Rugby World Cup matches and its first music concerts. The proposed development and expansion of the venue is definitely a good sign for the 13th most populous city in the United Kingdom. Most probably King Power Stadium will stay on this list in the nearest future.

#9 – Goodison Park – Liverpool

Home Team: Everton F.C.

Capacity: 39,571

Average Attendance in Premier League 2017/2018: 38,797

Matches: 19

Total: 737,143

Goodison Park may not be the largest arena in England but only a few stadiums in the country can rival it in terms of the 12th man impact. The decibel level is often off the scale at the Grand Old Lady and even Sir Alex Ferguson once admitted the crowd at Everton’s arena had been always intimidating. No wonder, the team has been playing in the top league of England since the season of 1954–55.

#8 – Stamford Bridge – London

Home Team: Chelsea F.C.

Capacity: 41,631

Average Attendance in Premier League 2017/2018: 41,282

Matches: 19

Total: 784,353

During the recent years, Chelsea has been developing a number of ambitious stadium expansion plans. Alternatively, the club wanted to build a completely new £1 billion ground and therefore to abandon Stamford Bridge which was built in distant 1876. These projects have been put on hold in summer 2018 due to “unfavourable investment climate,” which probably implicates Chelsea’s failure to qualify for the Champions League and the club owner’s visa issues. Currently, Stamford Bridge is unable to jump higher in the list of the most attended English football arenas because of its limited capacity. The last reconstruction of this classic and truly magnificent football venue took place in the 1990s.

#7 – St James’ Park – Newcastle upon Tyne

Home Team: Newcastle United F.C.

Capacity: 52,354

Average Attendance in Premier League 2017/2018: 51,992

Matches: 19

Total: 987,844

The fans of Newcastle United are backing up their club in huge numbers. The Magpies have not been in their best form in recent years but on home matchdays, the 12th man was their trump card. Even when the team relegated to Championship for the season of 2016–17, the supporters stayed at St James’ Park. It certainly helped Newcastle United to win the Championship and on the following season, they returned to the Premier League. Impressive attendance at St James’ Park has triggered discussions of possible ground expansion. The matchday tickets sell out weeks in advance. This is a good sign of growing interest in the club from the citizens of Newcastle upon Tyne.

#6 – Anfield – Liverpool

Home Team: Liverpool F.C.

Capacity: 54,074

Average Attendance in Premier League 2017/2018: 53,049

Matches: 19

Total: 1,007,931

Another magnificent stadium which boasts about high attendance is Anfield. The number of Liverpool’s fans is growing all around the world considering the fact the Reds made it to the Champion’s League Finals in the season of 2017–2018. Besides, Liverpool’s wonderful ground is known as one of the loudest stadiums. The team’s home supporters are not only very loyal but they also sing well. When the team has such a great arena, an incredible army of dedicated fans, and the world-class manager like Jürgen Klopp, that’s a great starting point for lasting success.

#5 – Etihad Stadium – Manchester

Home Team: Manchester City F.C.

Capacity: 55,097

Average Attendance in Premier League 2017/2018: 53,812

Matches: 19

Total: 1,022,434

Manchester City currently has one of the most legendary coaches and some of the world’s greatest players on their squad. It makes sense that the team’s supporters fill the Etihad Stadium quite often. On the other hand, rival fans sometimes call the arena of the Citizens “the Emptyhad” because they have seen vacant seats at the arena, even on big matchdays. Well, haters gonna hate, and we have to admit it’s quite possible that football clubs sometimes bump official attendances. In any case, it’s amazing to see how Manchester City have been evolving during the last decade. Hopefully, the Etihad Stadium will continue gathering even larger crowds of true fans of the Sky Blues.

#4 – London Stadium – London

Home Team: West Ham United F.C.

Capacity: 57,000

Average Attendance in Premier League 2017/2018: 56,885

Matches: 19

Total: 1,080,808

Hammers not only have one of the largest stadiums in the Premier League but also intend to boost their arena capacity to 60,000 in the nearest future. Well, this number of supporters in full voice will definitely outshoot fans at the majority of the other English stadiums. Even with today’s capacity, the atmosphere at London Stadium is almost always terrific. For the true football fan, it’s easy to imagine how inspiring it must be for the West Ham team to play at such a magnificent stadium with such great supporters. When I think about it, I get goosebumps.

#3 – The Emirates Stadium – London

Home Team: Arsenal F.C.

Capacity: 59,867

Average Attendance in Premier League 2017/2018: 59,323

Matches: 19

Total: 1,127,133

In recent years, there was quite a lot of scepticism and disillusionment concerning Arsenal’s ability to win the Premier League. Since 2006, when Arsenal had moved from Highbury to the Emirates Stadium, the Gunners were always at least one step away from their mission. Even despite this fact, the army of the Arsenal’s fans stay loyal to the club and go wild on matchdays. Considering the recent shift in management structure and terrific form of the Arsenal’s strikers, I’m pretty sure the Gooners can already feel the long-awaited wind of change.

#2 – Wembley Stadium – London

Home Team: Tottenham Hotspur F.C.

Capacity: 90,000

Average Attendance in Premier League 2017/2018: 67,953

Matches: 19

Total: 1,291,103

Everyone knows that Wembley Stadium is a one-of-a-kind arena. Tottenham Hotspur temporarily moved in, while White Hart Lane was being demolished and their new stadium was being under construction. Therefore, it was unclear whether the supporters of Spurs would succeed in creating the brilliant atmosphere they used to have at White Hart Lane. In the end, it worked great. Thousands of white and navy Spurs flags were waved under the movable roof of a gigantic football venue. Therefore, Wembley Stadium became the second most visited ground in the 2017–2018 Premier League.

#1 – Old Trafford – Manchester

Home Team: Manchester United F.C.

Capacity: 74,994

Average Attendance in Premier League 2017/2018: 74,976

Matches: 19

Total: 1,424,538

The stadium that became the most attended in England in the season 2017–2018 is certainly Old Trafford. It’s an epic football ground, a true masterpiece, and a certain must-see for every football fan in the world. Each time the players come out of the red tunnel prior to kick-off, the crowd erupts. The Red Devils’ fans have seen the ups and downs of their favourite club and even today the results are not what supporters always expect from Manchester United. However, the “Theatre of Dreams” is always one of the most visited arenas in the country and its atmosphere is truly inimitable.